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Areas of Practice:
  • DUI - Theft
  • Assault - Burglary
  • Drug Charges - Juvenile
  • Domestic Violence - White Collar Crimes
  • Felony and Misdemeanors

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Why the law office of Douglas Gubler?

I have over ten years of experience as a criminal defense attorney. I was appointed by the courts to represent indigent clients. Based on my experience, I understand what criminal defendants are going through and how to obtain the results you are looking for.

During the early stages of a case, I develop strategies for defending your case. Early intervention allows me to try and resolve a case before it is filed. It also allows more time to conduct investigations, interview witnesses and research all legal options.

Through my experience I will convey to the prosecutor, judges, jury and court staff that, as my client, you must be viewed as an individual, not as just another file number on their busy court calendar.

Let Me Begin Protecting Your Rights!

If you call me immediately, I can usually (with predictable results) intervene before charges are actually filed. This proactive approach can prevent you from being charged, exposed and/or embarrassed.

If already arrested I can (depending on your specific circumstances) help you get out of jail with pre-trial release, or move the court to reduce your bail. I may also be able to assist in reducing penalties, fines, jail time, terms of probation and can even request alternatives to probation, as well as petition to clear your record.

You Will be Treated With Respect, Care and Dignity!

My service includes the overall supervision of your case backed by a strong commitment to the attorney/client relationship. You will always be informed through clear and open communication, including direct contact with me.

I will make sure you understand the details of your case and the progress being made every step of the way. My clients appreciate the time I spend reviewing their cases, answering their questions and giving them the information they need to make informed decisions.

It's Your Choice

Regardless of who you decide to employ for legal representation, allow me to offer this piece of advice: DO NOT discuss your case or sign a statement without an attorney present (whatever you sign can be used as evidence against you). Also, never enter a plea without first obtaining legal advice, even for a minor offense.

You have nothing to lose as there is NO COST to you for asking for an initial consultation. Please take just a few moments to make what will most likely be the most valuable call you will ever make.

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